Véronique Brosset was born in 1963 in Bourges and has evolved all her childhood in a familial environment in which brushes, crayons, spatulas and paintings were omnipresent.
After a literary baccalauréat, she chose to study visual communication and got her degree at the University of Modern Arts in Paris. The world of communication welcomed her and after several years of working as a computer graphics artist in an advertising agency, she started to be frustrated by digital technology. She felt the need to make up with material again, she missed the tools and the smells of painting, she was left unsatisfied by the short-lived aspect of her work. An urge to authenticity. Freedom of expression to be found.

She practises a painting characterized by a vigorous, lively movement. A movement which declines relentlessly the search of the self, the connection to childhood in her abstract and colored paintings. She compares the way she paints with an inner combat, a desire to share her emotions.
Her body movements are accompanied by brushes, spatulas and palette knives in which softness and violence are intertwined. Colors and material are worked even distorted and become friendly to her expression.
Véronique Brosset lives and works in Moustey.