I am a silent woman, voraciously in love with nature who goes her pictorial way through the distorting lens of childhood emotions. De-picturing this magic universe where everything was only about intensity, wonder, the innocence of senses and imagination. Nothing is wise or brooded or reasonable. I relentlessly explore the sheens of past which are pure and intact in my memory. I move from one memory to another one without formula. I draw my inspiration from this effervescence to get back to carefreeness.

I express this journey with a very often wide, open and lively gesture as well as bold colors which are free on the painting.
My painting is seldom premeditated. Abstraction and figurative suggestion are obvious to me in order to recall feelings until the harmony I’m looking for comes out.

I keep on following this thread : a painting in its natural state such as children’s experiences to invite us to a free interpretation.